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The Cannabis Plant for Beginners

Each part of the cannabis plant plays an essential role in its form and function. At The Botanical Co., we offer a comprehensive look into the cannabis plant for beginners. When you walk into our dispensary in Michigan, we want you to provide you with the most cannabis knowledge as we guide you to the best cannabis products for your needs. We will inform you about each part of the plant and each type of plant you consider the options. Our team is helpful and passionate about sharing our cannabis knowledge. Visit us today and start earning rewards with us.

Parts of the Cannabis Plant 

Every part of a cannabis plant serves a specific purpose. The main parts of the cannabis plant include:

  • Flower – A female plant’s cannabis flowers are small teardrop structures. They are the parts that contain the terpenes or cannabinoids and terpenes that help reach your high or offer health benefits.
  • Trichomes – Trichomes are tiny, hairlike appendages on the surface of the cannabis plant. They create cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from their resinous glands.
  • Cola – A cola is the cluster of buds at the end of a female plant’s stem. The best quality colas are known to be heavy and densely covered in trichomes.
  • Bracts – A bract consists of small leaves that encompass the reproductive cells of a female cannabis plant. Their resin glans produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids.
  • Node – Nodes are the place where the leaves and stems intersect. Nodes are where the plants grow their pollen sacs as male cannabis plants or pistils as female cannabis plants.
  • Fan Leaves – The large fan leaves are essential for the photosynthesis of a cannabis plant. They are usually removed from the final product.
  • Sugar Leaves – The small sugar leaves have a high volume of trichomes found on them, making them look like sugar-coated leaves. The trim can be used for concentrates or edibles.
  • Stem – The stem of the cannabis plant transports nutrients and fluids from the roots to the plant. It offers a foundation for fan leaves to get the light needed for growth.

Importance of Female vs. Male Cannabis Plants

It is essential to be able to distinguish male from female cannabis plants. Female plants produce flowers, and male plants only produce pollen sacs. Male cannabis plants cannot generate the buds for harvesting and consuming. It is important to keep female and male cannabis plants separate. Knowing the difference between pistils and stigmas is essential to properly grow cannabis. Correctly identifying stigmas helps growers identify a female plant, leading to cannabinoid-rich flowers. A pistil is a female flower’s reproductive system’s primary piece with two protruding stigmas and one ovule. Stigmas are the tiny hairs that catch male pollen from a female’s bract.

Types of Cannabis Plants

Cannabis is most commonly classified into four categories, including:

  • Indica – Indica plants most often produce heavy, dense buds during their flowering stage. They are known to offer a cerebral, relaxing high.
  • Sativa – Sativa plants most often produce airy, lightweight buds. They are known to offer a light-hearted and energetic high.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid cannabis strains offer a balanced high by blending sativa and indica effects.
  • Hemp – Part of the cannabis family, hemp plants only produce trace amounts of THC. Hemp plants produce fibers used to create multiple textiles and cannabidiol (CBD).

We Offer Private Consultations

We invite you to visit our stores in Michigan or book a private consultation with one of our cannabis experts. We want to learn about your cannabis needs and desires to help guide your cannabis experience. Our team is here to meet you wherever you are at on your cannabis journey and find the right products for you. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us. Visit us in Tawas, Lansing, and Kalkaska today!