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The Botanical Co. is a Lansing-based Cannabis franchise founded by Russ Chambers in 2019 with the Middleville location being led by Jarred Biggs, Dennis Weiss and Kirk Weiss.
Biggs has been involved in the cannabis industry for more than 12 years, beginning as a licensed caregiver with the state in 2010. He’s been a medicinal user of cannabis as a result of an automobile accident injury sustained during high school and made worse through football.
He combined his passion for the health benefits of marijuana with his business degree from Davenport University and has become a serial cannabis entrepreneur.
Along with Biggs and associates, Grand Rapids entrepreneurs and investors Jonathan Jelks and Willie Jackson, who are involved with a number of endeavors like Ambiance Kitchen & Lounge, Sip Coffee & Cocktails, Motu Viget Spirits and Motu Lakeshore Wine Bar, also are part of the team.