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Making Cannabis Approachable for Michigan Residents

With such a complicated history, cannabis can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. At The Botanical Co., we make sure this isn’t the case. Whether you’re well-versed or new to the cannabis lifestyle, our staff is here to make your experience enjoyable. We strive to ensure everyone feels comfortable when visiting our provisioning center to learn more about cannabis products and their applications. We’re approachable, and believe cannabis should be, too. There should be no worries about asking “silly” questions. We understand you won’t know everything about a product you may have never used, which is why we’re here. We’ll answer all questions and guide you to make the best purchase for your needs. Whether you’re 21 or 81, The Botanical Co. is where you want to buy your cannabis products.

medical marijuana containers

The Botanical Co. Hosts a Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

Our passion for the plant and customers shines through in everything we do at The Botanical Co. All of our staff has a true love for providing our customers with some of the best cannabis products available. And we have the knowledge to back it up. We are dedicated to being a consistent resource to our customers. Through the right education, we believe you can empower yourself to better understand the cannabis plant, your cannabinoid system, and how it works together. We want our customers to think of us as a part of their expert team, one that is here to help you navigate the benefits of cannabis and develop a regimen that works best for you. We are always looking for new information to pass along to our customers. Come learn about the powerful effects of cannabis products. We are always here to help!

Private Consultations & Delivery Coming Soon

At The Botanical Co., we understand that discussing your cannabis needs is a sensitive matter. That’s why we offer private consultations to provide a comfortable environment where you can discuss your reasons for seeking cannabis products and what issues you’re looking to remedy. In the future, look out for our delivery service, which will bring your cannabis products right to your door! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Stop by and See Us in Michigan

As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer one of the best loyalty programs in the state of Michigan. You can earn points with every purchase and use them to redeem other items in the future. Please stop by and see us today to have a chat with our staff about your cannabis needs. We have locations in Lansing and Middleville, Michigan. You’ll leave with a product you’ll love and can be on your way to a better you. All while earning points for future purchases!

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